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What are the special features of medicinal cartoning machines compared with other cartoning machines

Release Time2020-06-09


  With the continuous development of science and technology and the progress of mankind, more and more products are produced and processed using mechanical equipment to process and complete these series of procedures. The use of machinery can not only improve work efficiency but also Reducing labor intensity, etc., the same is true of the use of Zhuanghe machine. The cartoning machine is mainly used to pack some food or medicine and other packaging boxes into the packaging box and automatically complete the action of the lid action. The use of medicinal cartoning machine Greatly saves time and improves efficiency. The special points of the medicinal cartoning machine are:

  1. The difference from the food cartoning machine is that you need to insert the instructions of the medicine in the medicine box when loading the medicine

  2. When packaging the carton, it is necessary to randomly print the production date, product batch number and expiration date, etc. These are all required during the cartoning process

  3. The medicinal cartoning machine also needs to check the quality of the medicine inside the package to ensure that the quality of the medicine is qualified