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Mechanical Engineer / Structural Designer for Packaging Design

1. The design of pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food machinery and equipment, responsible for the design, analysis and drawing of mechanical product parts ;
2.Explain and provide technical guidance to the design drawings of mechanical products ;
3. Complete the drawing standardization work of mechanical products according to the existing technical specifications, and output the design drawings ;
4.Be responsible for the feasibility demonstration of the mechanical aspects of the new product development project. 
Participate in the mechanical research and development and design of the company's new product project
5.Design the product to meet the product design requirements, and determine the product technical performance standards. 
Job requirements :
1.Mechanical major or mechatronics. 
2.Engaged in food pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and other packaging machines, filling machinery and equipment design. 
3. Have more than 5 years experience in independent design, cad drawing and filling drawing.
4. Has good technical understanding ability, technical analysis and judgment ability and technical innovation ability.
5. Age is 30-40 years, experience in pharmaceutical mechanical design is preferred.