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KHV-350 Automatic Continuous Horizontal Cartoning Machine

 (1).Brief Introduction

  KHV full automatic continuous horizontal packing machine is our company referring to the international advanced models, combined with the actual situation of domestic packaging, the development of continuous operation of automatic horizontal packing machine, is a high-tech product of mechatronics, fully in line with GMP requirements. By adopting advanced transmission technology abroad, using encoder and PLC communication programming to control each action by pneumatic products and mechanical structureand adjusting speed by frequency converter, this machine can ensure the high speed, stability and reliability of machine operation, and make the packing more accurate. This machine has the characteristics of advanced structure, convenient operation, automatic fault alarm display, convenient maintenance and so on. The machine consists of an origami machine and a carton packaging machine. In addition, it has a product transfer and fall into the system and an automatic coding device to cooperate with the machine. The maximum operating speed can reach 180 boxes per minute. This product is suitable for bottle, soft tube,blister, tray, granule soft bag and other kinds of medicine packing box; cosmetics, toothpaste, shoe oil and other daily chemical products packing box; food all kinds of bag packing box, all kinds of canned, packing box, dessert, chocolate, candy, biscuit, bottled wine, frozen products packing box, etc.; light bulb, bearing and other industrial products packing box, greatly improve the production efficiency.

 (2).Technical parameters

  2.1 Equipment parameters

Design production speed


Normal production speed

160boxes /min;

Open box head


Electric source

380v  50Hz

Main motor

2.2 Kw

Transmission and others



60m3/H   0.12bar








  2.2 Advised carton specification:


MIN (mm)














Carton requirement

≥250g/m2   International machine packaging carton.

Instruction paper requirements

50g~70g/m2,60 g /m2 is best.

  (3).Technical description

  3.1 Product transfer and fall device.

  Transfer the product to the cartoning machine, The falling device can control product accurately fall into the corresponding product bin.

  3.2 Folder:

  Fold the introduction and align the product one by one.

  3.3 Product delivery system,transmission system,box delivery system.

  The three systems cooperate to complete the function of pushing the product and instructions into the carton during the packing process.

  3.4 Carton conveyor:

  Put the carton and put it into the open box head, can put the box at one time about 1400 pcs.

  3.5 Suction and open box device:

  The high precision compound cam rotates the three-head open-box device, which can open the box and fall into the corresponding position at the same time. The compound cam can open three boxes every circumference of rotation, which greatly improves the packing speed and stability. Different from the traditional domestic packing machine, two vacuum suction heads are used to absorb the two adjacent sides of the carton. The paper box is opened at about 110 degrees angle by the rotation of one suction head. After putting into the station, the suction head is released and the carton is automatically restored to 90 degrees angle and fixed.

  3.6 No product and no input instruction and carton device.

  Through product inspection, control instructions and carton drop, avoid the appearance of empty packaging.

  3.7 Automatic coding device:

  Can type steel code, code position in the carton cap, the number of code according to the cap size and user requirements, can also be configured spray code system.

  3.8 Carton sealing system:

  Carton sealing, there are mechanical sealing and hot melt adhesive sealing as the two ways.

  3.9 Automatic rejecting system:

  Avoid downtime caused by empty boxes without instructions or bottles.

  3.10 Main transmission overload protection device:

  Achieve overload shutdown and play a protective role.

  3.11 Hand wheel system, point movement switch:

  Turn the equipment for the commissioning and maintenance.

  3.12 Emergency switch:

  It is used to emergency stop in case of accident.

  3.13 Door hood opening automatic detection device.:

  Establish to ensure the safety of the operator.

  3.14 Product size replacement device:

  Through the dial handwheel adjustment, the humanized mechanical memory device can change the size of the carton, very quickly and simply in a few minutes, the whole machine needs to adjust the position are modified.

  The machine also has the functions of frequency conversion speed regulation, air pressure and vacuum protection shutdown, no manual alarm or shutdown, paperless box alarm or shutdown.

  For different carton size adjustment, the machine can be easily completed, but the size difference is too large, need to replace the corresponding mold.

  3.15 Adoption of imported components.

  To meet the GMP requirements, the use of German wear-resistant sliding bearings, no refueling, reduce pollution; to make the machine running stable and reliable, the use of SKF、NSK and other international well-known brand bearings; to make the machine running at high speed, the use of imported synchronous belt and conveyor belt. The main drive motor is Taiwan deceleration motor.

  3.16 Main electric parties:

  Using a full set of SIEMENS electrical system to ensure the stability of the whole system; pneumatic products are metalwork and other international well-known brand products; sensors for OMRON and other international well-known brands; protective switches for Schmersal and other international well-known brand products.

  3.17 Protective device of cartoning machine.

  l Safety protection switches for each door cover.

  l Overload protective device for transmission chain.

  l Switching protection device for manual and automatic operation

  l Low pressure protection shutdown.

  l No instruction alarm or stop device.

  l No carton alarm or stop device.

  l Product input the box not in the position alarm or stop device.

  l Opening the box not in the position alarm or stop device.

  (4). Operation description

  4.1 Start or stop

  l Check mechanical parts and connected electrical and pneumatic components.

  l Start:

  l Open vacuum valve。

  l Press reset button。

  l Press start button。

  l Stop:

  l Press stop button。

  l Press emergency button,cut the power。

  4.2 Speed change

  Adjust the speed on the man-machine interface.

  4.3 Production processing

  l The product is put into the feeding bin by automatic or manual method, and the conveying chain of the feeding bin drives the movement.

  l The inspection device detects the product in the silo, controls the folding machine, absorbs a instruction sheet at the appropriate time, folds and transmits to the product under the silo clamp.

  l After the detection device detects the product in the bin and the instructions under the bin, the control suction opening box device absorbs a carton from the storage box rack at the appropriate time, then rotates and opens, which is transported by the box delivery chain to the front of the corresponding bin with the product and instructions.

  l The push rod conveying chain drives the push rod motion, at the same time, the push rod pushes the product and the instruction into the relevant box under the action of the guide rail. while the box is transmitted to the outlet of the machine, the relevant parts are bent, folded, stuffed, and the box is completely sealed, thus the whole packing process is completed.

  4.4 Unexpected halt.

  In the process of production, the machine is shut down because of some common faults. These failures must be eliminated and rebooted.

  The downtime may result from:

  1) Caused by motor protection relay; troubleshooting motor overload.

  2) Caused by protective fretting switch; one of the guard plates is open

  3) No pick-up action; pick-up of products not detected by the cartoning machine from the corresponding bin.

  4) The box on the jacket is excessive or the position is not correct; the position or the appropriate amount is adjusted.

  5) Caused by the box clamping protection device; the photoelectric switch on the box opening device can check whether the box opening is correct or deformed. If the box is opened incorrectly or deformed, remove and the corresponding packing material.

  6) Caused by the pressure switch loss in the gas path.

  7) Mechanical blockage during any machine movement caused by a torque limiter. troubleshooting mechanical overload, torque limiter reset to reboot.

  8) Fretting switch action caused by poor meshing state of manually adjusted handwheel. The handle in the manual wheel device turns to the right, closes the protection switch, and reset to reboot.

  9) Caused by the rise limit of the guide rail press plate; rotate the handle, put down the track press plate, close the switch, reset the boot.

  10) When the product inspection device detects the compound packaging, Is there a shortage of products in the silo; when the stacking packaging, the quantity of the product in the silo is correct, so as to troubleshoot in time.

  11) In the process of packing, if the product causes the push rod to be blocked, remove the product and the box, and reset to reboot.

  12) Eliminate the error when the product is not in place, switch reset to reboot.

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